Become a member

How can I apply to become a member of UNIQUE ?

Please send a CV and brief statement of intent to, for review by the UNIQUE Executive Committee. The statement of intent should include:

  1. Your requested level of participation as a Regular Member or Collaborative Member (see information below)

  2. A brief description of your research interests which makes a specific reference to how these align with the UNIQUE mandate (max 2 page)

  3. If you are applying to become a regular member, your statement should -among other things- describe:

      • Demonstrated expertise (published work) at the intersection of AI and Neuroscience.

      • Ongoing (or potential for future) collaboration with current UNIQUE regular members (e.g. co-supervision of students, co-authorship of papers, joint funding, etc.).

      • Strength of the application and added value to the UNIQUE community.


The status of Regular Member is defined by FRQNT as a faculty member in a Quebec university whose work aligns with the mandate of a research cluster at 50% or higher. Regular Members formally confirm their participation in a cluster with the FRQNT and their CCVs are considered when the centre is evaluated.

Regular Members and their students are:

  • welcomed to use any infrastructure supported by UNIQUE

  • eligible to apply for centre-funded initiatives

  • encouraged to participate in the development of our community by

    • attending, proposing or organizing events

    • sharing skills through workshops or tutorials

    • serving as a reviewer for the funding applications

Regular Members are asked to:

  • upload a CCV and confirm participation in the centre, at the time of our midterm review and when the centre applies for a fund renewal

  • submit yearly annual report

  • update their list of students and post-doc

  • include UNIQUE in affiliations and acknowledgements in publications, presentations and media interviews when they use centre-supported labs or personnel, or when their labs receive funding through UNIQUE


Faculty members and visiting researchers (who hold a regular position as a university professor or equivalent) whose primary affiliation is with another research centre, within or outside of Quebec, have a status of Collaborating Member. They participate in centre activities but are ineligible for funding.